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Mental Training And Mindfulness In Sales







Looking Out of a Skyscaper


You get success by concentrating you mind in to one relevant task at the time. Mental training and mindfulness can help you in concentrating your mind to relevant things. With concentrated people your company will reach the best possible success.


Relaxation, awareness exercises by developing mindfulness skills, mental training, suggestions, magical thinking and mascots are typical mental training and coaching methods in sports. Every human being can achieve useful skills and things for themselves in different areas of life with sufficiently good and regular relaxation. Relaxation exercises work best if you focus to only one or two things at the same time. The sellers can think themselves each moment the most important goal.


Creativity, learning ability, clear thinking and problem solving skills are developing better in more relaxed state of mind than a person normally has. This happens because during the meditation the electrical frequency decreases in to alpha level in our brain. At the same time the cognitive left side and emotional right side of our brain are facing and hemispheres connect more efficiency.  This is called flow mode, where we feel safety and pleasure too. This flow mode makes us also more susceptible to suggestions. We can try to get in to flow mode with mindfulness exercises, which aim to vigilance and concentration and with relaxation.


Top-athletes and top-sellers can use mental training and autosuggestions for ensuring a successful performance. Mental training is a powerful tool when you use it properly. You can see your becoming performance in your mind through your inner eye and with your ability to imagine in advance. You do this quite often anyway, but unfortunately you imagine unpleasant results which you do not want to do or which you are afraid of. Now we are just changing the picture better by making your performance better in your mind. In the end you learn to remember the better picture and results instead of the old and unpleasant pictures. After seeing the best possible realistic result in your mind several times you repeat it in real life.


Last twenty years Harriet has done mindfulness, meditation, joga, pilates, taiji, chikung, mental training and other execises for learning the art of concentration from different perspectives. Daily meditation during last seven years have shown the results of practicing regularly. The way of thinking (the inner speach) is changing all the time in to the better direction. Harriet has studied mental training since 2005 by herself and used it at work with her sales team first in 2009.


Harriet studied for a Bachelor’s degree at Haaga Institute Polytechnic School from August 1995 to May 1999. Previously Harriet had studied for a Business Degree in Kauhava and Fashion Designing in Paris.

Harriet has been working in several restaurants; opening one of them, and in the catering business before doing actual BtoB sales work.  Sales Promotional tasks at Juustoportti Oy led Harriet to work in the Eniro Finland Sales Department. At Eniro Finland and Yritystele Oy Harriet had various tasks as Sales Manager, Key Account Manager and Team Leader.


Harriet started working with Cushman & Wakefield alliance partner Tuloskiinteistöt Oy Helsinki office as a Key Account Manager  in May 2011.  She represented Tuloskiinteistöt Oy and Cushman & Wakefield in MIPIM 2011 and MAPIC 2012 in Cannes France. Harriet created an idea of seminar called “Nordic Real Estate markets for international retailers” in order to invite new foreing retailers to Finland and other Nordis countries. The Seminar took place in MAPIC 2013 in Cannes and it was organised from C&W London office.


Harriet has been independent Real Estate Consultant since August 2013.


Minulla on myyntikokemusta 25 vuoden ajalta useilta aloilta kuten kiinteistö-, ICT-, markkinointi-, elintarvike-, ravintola- ja hotellialoilta. Liikkenjohdollisen koulutuksen (AMK) ja yrittäjäopiston jälkeen olen toiminut esimiestehtävissä valmentavana esimiehenä varsinaisen käytännön myytityön tekemisen lisäksi. Lisäksi olen toiminut itsenäisenä yrittäjänä. Mielikuvaharjoittelua myyntityötä tekevien työkaluna olen käyttänyt ensimmäisen kerran tiimini valmentamiseen vuonna 2009. Olen kerännyt materiaalia ja kirjoittanut tekstejä mielikuvaharjoittelusta jo vuodesta 2005.



Developing together mental training (incl. suggestions and hypnosis) and mindfulness skills will help sales departments in all business areas like real estate, retail, marketing, ICT, heavy industry etc.. We will introduce you these methods through reading and exercises. Exercises are either mental training, suggestions, hypnosis and mindfulness or combining and mixing them exclusively for sales professionals.

With active and more focused mental training we can

  • get stronger will to understand and know our own products even better and faster, 

  • get better and bigger deals,

  • get more deals and sales, 

  • get more confidence for success

  • and get stronger ability in positive thinking.

Sales department and a company is in trouble if salesperson can not recur and have fresh thinking. By using mental training more clearly and versatile and by combining it and using it with mindfulness practices we can get more fresh thinking and sales even in unstable financial times and in depression like today. Mental training and mindfulness can be the next key to your better success. Follow the blog Mental Training And Mindfulness In Sales and get the unique idea and tools of using them in sales!


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